Shaka Packs are made to order. Current build time, 6-8 weeks.


In search of a new creative outlet to replace a long standing career in landscaping, Julian Vicente relocated from the States to BC in 2018, and began building bike bags for the flourishing cycling community in the Okanagan area. 

With years of experience working machines to move the Earth, Julian figured stitching together manmade materials on industrial sewing machines couldn’t be that much harder. After countless sewing tutorials, he got the swing of things and Shaka Packs began to take shape. 

Shaka Packs custom frame bags and matching accessory offerings stand out with bright, bold colorways made exclusively from X Pac and Cordura fabrics; materials he feels are the best in the business for durability, functionality, weather resistance and aesthetics. As a one man band, Julian joyfully designs and sews custom, sustainable bike packing bags that facilitate other people’s adventures in the outdoors.