Shaka Packs are made to order. Current build time, 10-12 weeks.

Template Instructions

Template method

A simple way to create the template would be to first cut a piece of cardboard that fits behind the non drive side of your triangle.  Tape a large piece (or pieces) of paper to the cardboard.  Using a pencil, hold the cardboard in place and carefully trace the shape of the triangle holding the pencil as straight as you can.  Carefully mark the locations of braze ons  for packs with bolted option.  Include a line across the template that’s relatively level to the ground.  Best way to find level is by measuring up from the ground and adding small piece of tape near front and back of triangle.  Use these marks to transfer level marks to your template.  Tape multiple pieces of paper together if necessary then remove the paper from cardboard.   Please note order number, frame: year, make, model, size on your template.  Also indicate the width that you would like your pack built to.  Most common widths are 2 & 2.5”.

Mail template to:

Shaka Packs
905 Thompson Road 
Kelowna, BC  V1X3X2