To build your pack to size, I'll be using a projector to impose a photo of your bike onto the wall in my shop.

I’ll need the following to get started:

For full packs with bolt on option:
Remove bottle cages.  Unscrew the bolts so they are only slightly threaded and sticking out.

For half packs: leave cages in place & place your bottles in the cages.
Side release cages work best as they allow the underside of the pack to be close to the bottles.
If there’s room to drop your cage(s) down further, consider purchasing bottle cage height adapter(s) to maximize pack size.

  • Place your bike in front of a blank background with minimal shadows (garage door, blank wall). Having the non-drive side facing your camera may offer best view of the full triangle.
  • Set your phone to the highest resolution.
  • Take two photos.  #1 standing back 3-4 meters from your bike, eye level to the center of the pack space.  #2 with camera at same height but closer to include only the triangle area where your pack will be.
Good photos:

Bad photo (skewed):
 📏  📐 
  • Note A, B & C measurements (metric preferred).  Measure along the tubes from inside corner to corner of where the pack will be.    For curved tubes, follow the curve with your measuring tape.
  • Confirm that the bottle cage bolts measure 6.35 cm (2.5") center to center.
  • Measure tubes and determine the desired width of your new pack.  (Standard is 2” but can be built larger).  If top and bottom tubes are different widths, it works best to split the difference.  Be sure that your knees won't rub with your determined width.

Full frame pack:  depending on the width of your pack and how close it sits to your chain ring, you may want the bottom of your pack to be flat so it’s above your chain ring.  If you have the clearance, the bottom of your pack can be built lIke a triangle  to fit your frame. Specify below (#6) which way you’d prefer.

example of full frame pack “triangle

example of full frame pack with  “flat bottom

Awesome, you're all set!

Copy below then paste in email with details & high resolution photos to: 
  1. Measurement A:
  2. Measurement B:
  3. Measurment C:
  4. Width of pack: 
  5. Do your bottle cage bolts measure 2.5” on centre between bolts?  
  6. Full frame pack, triangle or flat bottom?